Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where have we gone?

Time has escaped us! Has it really been since April that I have posted? Seems to be so.
A lot has changed for us and I blame this absence on all the sunshine weve had (followed by rain). The end of Spring and beginning of Summer has been filled with chicks, puppy, birthday, fathers day, anniversary , loss of the 2nd tooth for frannie and soon to be Independence day. We are so surprised when we've made it through a week filled with juggling, weed pulling (lots of weed pulling), projects, dog training and kid rearing (really they are the same) and work. Frannie wishes she could spend the summer like a normal kid going to the city outside swimming park, hiking, sleeping in and staying up late, camping and watching movies during thunderstorms. I really wish we could give that to them but it hasnt. someday...maybe.

Daddy's Birthday

Chicks! we got 20!! Now they are outside and ready to be called chickens.

Learning to set a hook with daddy

Fishing buddies

Frannies trout

Max the best horse ever!

Puppy love


Range specialist in training

Fence line between yard and pasture looking West 

Fathers day cookout- "hotdog party"

Beekeeper in training

Frannie got to keep a few drones at home for observation...I think she liked it

Monday, April 15, 2013

Reasons to celebrate

Home has taken hold and we have not looked back. No more city living and things are going great!
Life is fast and furious with so much on our plates but we had a few reasons to celebrate.
First off, my baby has turned 5!! What a reason to celebrate and help her on her first major milestone. No more baby, just 100% big girl. I think that I should be surprised about how independent, strong, assertive, curious, nurturing, silly and beautiful my little girl has become but I'm not. I told her upon on first meeting that she was strong, beautiful, capable of anything put before her on our first meeting and nothing has changed.

so proud of her milestone (and earrings)

nurturing and supportive- helping mom celebrate her birthday

smart and strong and full of life!

brave, soo soo brave (at the tattoo shop waiting to get her ears pierced)

curious about her world

nurturing and caring celebrating with her friends

smart girl and her teacher- special friends for life!

silly with dad

growing faster than we can keep up-she has already lost her first tooth (sob, sob)

perfectly wonderful

  And after the frannie and mom birthdays passed, we had easter and a first tooth was lost by frannie. How fun this month has been!! We had grandparents visit and trips to Missoula. Busy times during moving in and balancing work but the reasons to celebrate were plenty. Next month, Lou has a birthday and we try to survive the April snow showers-stay posted ;)

Egg hunts are the best!

lost tooth shot with eggs

Still excited about his treasure

getting the egg hunt down, woaa!

making the reach...

easter bunnies are good to one year olds

dumping your bucket is just as much fun as finding the eggs

oh yeah-another egg!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Saying Goodbye...

The last 4 months have been a whirlwind of projects and schedules and budgets and goals and kids and more projects and moving. We moved! We've said goodbye to our home on 6th avenue that gave us so much. We moved in after going to a garage sale and loving the potential and the yard size/location. We were in an old apartment building with two dogs (which werent supposed to be there)-Murf was a pup and Luna ready for a yard of her own. We were engaged and had our lives ahead of us! It was an exciting time and we were ready for our first home. Over the years, we shared our lives together and grew a family. Worked on making our house our own, worked on the yard and said goodbye to our first dog, Luna. Gabe came along and then we realized that we need to work on our long term dream-to move out of town to have some quiet and some room for our energetic kids to learn from nature and be safe. It was time to get out of town. But that meant leaving our great neighbor behind and those constant reminders of what weve all shared there and grown through. It meant leaving memories of my dads visit to see frannie and behind knowing that he'll never sit on the couch in our new house and look at our beautiful views out the windows. oh, he would really love the new house...

The day we put our house on the market
 So we've said our goodbye's and are settling in to our new life out of town and making new plans. We hope to share them with you here and there and have you come see what it is all about. More to come once I find my camera and my wits- oh and hopefully Spring!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Come and Gone


We've settled back into our old routine and said goodbye to the Christmas Tree. The Holidays are gone. The funny thing is that I think that we'll never make it through. Its funny how the holidays will turn your world over if you let it...or in our case we've decided to not let it. We keep things simple and enjoy staying at home not being on a schedule and spending time with the kids or just watching them in amazement-how have they changed so fast!!??

They had a fun time celebrating and hearing stories of how our families spent the holidays growing up and learning new and old traditions from us. One thing is that we always try to enjoy the snow (weather permitting). Christmas Eve was in the single digits so we spent little time outside. When it warmed up (to double digits/teens) we went outside. You might now be aware of how much time you can spend outside on sunny days no matter how cold (and we did).

Lou has been working hard at getting our new house ready to move in and we might be able to spend more time there at the end of the month. It is so great to take a place full of vision and turn it into your own. We are so anxious to get out there and leave the city behind!! more to come...


I mostly wanted to share pictures with you and wish you a happy return to normalcy - you made it!!